Pre-History Video Art 1960 - 2008 Chronologic Fact.
"The role of Photography" 1964/1965
"Time" 1966
"Monument" 1967
"Space in the Brain" 1969
The First Video Art - Electronic Painting - Electronic Animation - Electronic Morph, was invented in Sweden and the chief architect for the creation of this posted 4 videos, (39 minutes) now for the first time released on the internet, was the Swedish/Australian artist Ture Sjolander.
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"The role of photography" as well as "Time" is represented in the Museum of Modern Art Collection as an installation/canvas and print, acquired by the director Pontus Hulten on behalf of Moderna Museet 1965.
The entired history of Video Art is plain crap. A biased, mainly american history writing's find at wikipedia and many other internet sources and web sites and bookspublished the last 3 decades. It is sad to see how most art-academics and so called artcritics have jumped onto the bandwagon of myths and made-up storys to simply achieve a false PhD in art.
Actually, the term "Video Art" did Not exist before 1970 and come to be used for the first time early 70's by art-bureaucrat's when they need to allocate funds to this kinda new artistic experiments in Sweden and UK. The very first term used was "Artist Video".
The complete current definition of video art is false and misleading, "electronic art", Yes, but it all derived from electronic painting, in the sense of visual art.
 The use of a video camera or video tape or not even a TV-monitor has no relevance in the birth of Electronic Art, Electronic Animation or Video Art.
"Video Art", electronic animation and morphing originated from the first experimentation to conscioulsy manipulate and control the electronic signal.
With all the respect for Nam June Paik's persistence through decades of stacking monitor's as piles or using magnetic gravitation to flex a picture in a TV-tube ( Sjolander did 1953) is rather related to the Marcel DuChamps era of; "If I say it is art, it is art". a not very innovative "highway" of Dadaism.
This whole matter of "Video Art" has to be revised sooner than later, and the credits for the innovation and the earliest experiment's and achivements in this field, will return to Europe where it's began and belongs.
A new international art-education would benefit from the facts and not from news-medias stereotyped support of a myth.
The first minutes of the posted video shows an TV-interview on the Swedish Television in the fall of 1964, with the artist Ture Sjolander and an interview by a journalist from the largets tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet in Sweden. Sjolander almost declare war against PopArt and explain his intention of using all modern media avaliable for artistic expressions.
And, if you don't speak swedish to inform yourself,  Sjolander ain't gonna speak english to you, as a reversed gesture of ignorance.
Sjolander's visual language was laud and clear and visually very comprehensive 1964, as it is today 45 years later.
Then you might ask. Who wrote this text I'm reading ? Wel, does it really matter to you. The Mob on the bandwagon, did certainly not wrote this text as they never can admit their own inheritated sycophancy.
Ture Sjolander